Additional Features

CIRA Token: A Smart Blend of Dividends, Anti-Whale Measures, and Deflationary Mechanics

The CIRA Token stands out in the crypto world with its unique features and thoughtful design. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 7% BUSD Dividends: CIRA rewards its holders by distributing 7% dividends from trading activity. These dividends are paid in BUSD, providing a stable return on your investment. This is made possible through the collection of transaction fees within the CIRA ecosystem.

  • Exclusive Dividend Eligibility: To ensure fairness in the distribution, token locks and the liquidity address are not eligible to receive dividends. This policy is to prioritize active participants and investors in the network.

  • Robust Anti-Whale Safeguards: The CIRA Token incorporates anti-whale measures to maintain a healthy market. This includes a cap on maximum wallet balance and transaction amount to 150,000 CIRA tokens, which is 1.5% of the total supply. These limits prevent market manipulation by large holders and maintain stability.

  • Deflationary Nature: Embracing a deflationary model, CIRA is committed to reducing its total supply over time. This is achieved through both manual and automated token burns, which gradually decrease the total supply, potentially increasing the value of remaining tokens.

With these innovative features, CIRA Token not only ensures a stable and rewarding experience for its holders but also fosters a sustainable and healthy market environment.

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