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Absolutely! Here's a revised description of your CIRA Contract Scanner with an emphasis on its AI capabilities:

Explore the AI-Enhanced CIRA Contract Scanner: Your Smart Solution for Contract Analysis on Telegram!

Step into the future of smart contract safety with our AI-powered CIRA Contract Scanner, exclusively available in our Telegram group. This advanced tool is a game-changer for crypto enthusiasts, offering intelligent and automated features:

  • AI-Driven Network Detection: Leveraging cutting-edge AI, our scanner effortlessly identifies the network of any given token. Whether it’s on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon-Matic, or Ethereum, our AI ensures accuracy and speed.

  • Intelligent Multi-EVM Handling: For tokens present on multiple EVMs, our AI-enhanced bot intelligently prompts you to select the desired network for scanning, providing a customized and precise analysis.

  • Supported Networks with AI Optimization:

    • Binance Smart Chain

    • Polygon-Matic

    • Ethereum

  • User-Friendly AI Interaction: Simply enter a command like "/scan 0xDd25E1955FD9F7B3aBE83CC419070A7ace104DCE" in our chat. Our AI bot swiftly processes your request, offering detailed and insightful contract analysis.

Embrace the power of AI in your contract scanning process. The CIRA Contract Scanner not only simplifies your experience but also elevates the accuracy and efficiency of contract analysis in the crypto realm.

Join us in our Telegram group to experience this AI-driven innovation in contract safety and stay ahead in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency!

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