CIRA Fee Structure and Launch Timeline

CIRA is designed with a transparent and strategic fee structure that supports the ecosystem and its holders. Here's a breakdown of the fee system:

  • 7% Dividend Tax: This tax is redistributed directly to CIRA holders. It's a way of rewarding those who invest in CIRA, ensuring that holders benefit from the platform's success.

  • 3% Liquidity Tax: This portion is automatically added to the CIRA Liquidity Pool (LP). It helps in maintaining a healthy liquidity balance, which is crucial for smooth trading and price stability.

  • 1% Marketing Tax: This tax is allocated to fund marketing efforts and community events. It's essential for the growth and visibility of CIRA, helping to attract new users and maintain active community engagement.

  • Total Tax (Slippage): The combined total tax comes to 11%, a carefully calibrated rate to balance rewarding holders, maintaining liquidity, and funding growth initiatives.

Launch and Migration:

CIRA had its fair launch in December 2021, marking the beginning of its journey in the DeFi space. Following this, CIRA underwent a migration to a Version 2 (V2) contract on March 11, 2022. This migration represented an evolution of the platform, enhancing its features and capabilities to better serve its community.

Current Token Locks:

1 Million CIRA Locked via PinkSale

Liquidity Locked via Pinksale

Team Wallets:



Staking Pool

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