CIRA Defi Systems
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Eliminate Scams

With the implementation of systems that are being developed, and the zero tolerance approach mandated by the founder, we aim to have total elimination of scams on our platform.


Crypto IRA will offer multiple tools and resources to crypto investors as well as crypto projects. Currently in development we have a DEX as well as a suite of tools to offer safe and secure contracts to project creators at an affordable rate.
  • Exchange to prevent rug pulls / honeypots
  • Token Generator
  • Project Launchpad
  • DeFi Portfolio
  • Project Reviews
As well as other tools and applications to improve the crypto space.


The CIRA Community actively participates in guiding the direction of the project through voting and real time dialogue with the developer.


CIRA's core values are centered around safeguarding investors. We are developing a full ecosystem to ease accessibility