Our cross-chain token locker is a unique and secure way to manage digital assets across different blockchain networks. Here's how it works:

  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: It operates across multiple blockchain networks, ensuring flexibility and broader access.

  • ERC1155 Tokens for Ownership: Ownership of each lock is represented by an ERC1155 token, a standard in the Ethereum ecosystem known for its efficiency and versatility.

  • Unique Locks: Every lock in the system is unique, providing personalized security for each user's assets.

  • Token Burn Upon Unlocking: When a lock is opened, the corresponding ERC1155 token is burned (permanently destroyed), ensuring the finality of the unlocking process.

  • Transferable Ownership: In special circumstances, such as when a project changes hands or in case of a wallet compromise, the ERC1155 token (and thus the ownership of the lock) can be transferred to a new party.

This system not only enhances security but also provides flexibility and ease of asset management across different blockchain networks.

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