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Decentralized Finance has seen a boom in recent years and with that a rise in scam projects and methods of scamming investors. In 2021 alone, $2.8 Billion was stolen from investors using a variety of methods. The most common being honey pot, method in which investors are free to buy, but selling is restricted to only approved wallets.

Other methods used to steal assets:

  • Rug Pull - Removing liquidity to prevent trading
  • Fake Dapps - By connecting your wallet to these, you give criminals access to your wallet
  • Spreadsheet Pre-sales - Raising funds with no intent of launching

Creation of Crypto IRA

Due to market conditions and total value lost in 2021 the founder established Crypto IRA to set a new precedent in DeFi - Scam Free investing. Utilizing years of experience in crypto and working with other project owners a plan was devised to offer investors a safer way to experience DeFi. Crypto IRA, established in December 2021, has an unprecedented track record in finding and exposing these scams.
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